Can I learn more about Doug’s background? (1 of 3)


Doug Smith is the manager and/or owner of the various business entities that comprise Hawthorne Capital.


Hawthorne Capital was a natural evolution of Doug’s business career, which involved buying and selling over 100 houses. In his early days as an investor, he and his team bought, fixed and resold or leased properties, often employing creative strategies to maximize profits. These strategies included short sales, wholesaling, subject-to and lease-options. He went on to teach many of these techniques in seminars, courses and articles. Later, he bought dozens of houses for cash and then resold them on owner financing. It was here that Doug discovered the power and profitability of this technique, which he and his team now use to sell rural land.


Apart from his real estate investments and Hawthorne Capital, Doug founded, led and ultimately sold a pioneering property technology company named REI Network, LP. It owns several websites, the most well known of which is The company has landed on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list multiple times. In addition, it has appeared on the lists of HBJ (Houston Business Journal) 100 Fastest Growing Companies and HBJ Best Places to Work. [Note: HBJ subscription required to view those last two pages.]


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