What happens if demand for rural land dries up?


While broad demand for rural land has ebbed and flowed over the years, our target “blue collar plus” buyers have displayed a relatively constant interest in purchasing and owning rural land.


We have seen high demand in the following markets: 1) before the COVID recession, 2) during that recession, 3) during the subsequent boom, and 4) in the current economic climate. It’s reassuring that demand for our product has far exceeded our ability to supply it across very different market cycles.


Regardless, if a few of our target buyers put their interest in land on hold, we are well-positioned to increase our currently limited marketing to attract more buyers.


If demand were to drop off to a large degree, we could certainly curtail buying activity. In the unlikely scenario where we needed to stop buying, we would finish out current projects and provide investors with preferred returns and a return of their capital over time.


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